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Financial Counseling

Financial Counseling is most effective when you attend the education classes. View the Calendar of Events to determine when the next Financial Fitness session will be held. Topics include: Credit, Spending Plans, Banking Services, Loan Basics, Financial/Credit Recovery, Credit Reports, Checking Account/ATM Usage, Savings, Consumer Rights, etc.

Financial Counseling is meant to help individuals understand the multiplicity of topics that ensure financial capability and eventually stability. Financial Counseling will help you establish or rebuild your credit as well as create a savings plan to reach goals in the future.

Our counselors have been trained to assist you in navigating the process so you can meet your financial needs and in some cases, your aspirations.

Session fees are based on the delivery medium: Face-to-Face - $45; Phone or Webconference - $50

Clients may also enroll in a Financial Counseling Plus plan to recover from excessive debt or credit disparities. Black Bottom/Springfield Human Development Corporation - St. Joseph Homeownership is committed to partnering with you to resolve credit issues and concerns that may hinder you from obtaining a job, getting affordable insurance, and the best interest rate when financing a car, home, etc. The plan consists of two counseling sessions and six-months of maintenance. Additional months of maintenance may be added as needed.

To schedule an appointment or begin this program, call our office at 904.435.SJHM (7546) or for those outside of the Jacksonville, Florida area, you may call 888.975.7155.

The enrollment fee consists of two one-on-one counseling sessions. Enrollment fee is based on delivery of service: Face-to-face - $90; Phone - $110; and Web conference - $100. The minimum maintenance fee is $15 per month (includes services for 3 creditors) and $5 per month for each additional creditor. Call 904.435.SJHM (7546) for a packet to begin the Financial Counseling Plus plan.

**10% discount for upfront payment of services
Enrollment fee - 2 face-to-face sessions $90
Maintenance fees - six months                90
Upfront fee discount                              18
TOTAL DUE                                       $162

The information provided should be understood to be a general discussion of the subject matter and does not constitute a legal opinion about your particular situation. BBSHDC-SJHM counselors provide impartial and accurate information. For legal information or advice, consult a qualified consumer credit attorney. BBSHDC-SJHM may refer consumers to attorneys or attorney offices if requested. But, advises the consumer to do their due diligence in contracting with an attorney that best meets their needs. BBSHDC-SJHM will not provide any information about this session to a credit reporting agency or any other entities unless required, i.e., federal grant applications. It may take some time for counseling to positively affect your credit score; understand that filing for bankruptcy, enrolling in a debt management plan or electing other consequential options, may negatively impact your credit score and credit report.

Attendees are expected to print their own materials, if BBSHDC-SJHM provides them, the fee is $5 per person. Excessive or abusive cancellations may result in a $10 rescheduling fee. Upon request, we will waive the financial counseling enrollment fee for debtors whose household income is equal to or less than 150% of the estimated poverty threshold for their applicable family size as published in the current Department of Health & Human Services Poverty Levels Guidelines.

BBSHDC-SJHM receives funding in the form of donations and contributions from individuals and entities that support financial education and our other programs & services. BBSHDC-SJHM does not pay or receive fees or other consideration for financial counseling program referrals.

If you feel that Financial Counseling isn't quite for you, check out our Financial Coaching program. Call our office to learn the difference, 904.435.SJHM (7546).