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After seventeen months of sporadic employment, eight days from the auction sale, SJHM was able to negotiate a payment that was reasonable for me to pay. They did it in less than 40 minutes! My final payment went from $1500 to approximately $500.

SJHM was able to assist me in getting my predatory loan reduced from 11.92% to 5.17% for the rest of the loan. I really appreciate the help they gave me.

The counselors were able to get me out of foreclosure and almost cut my payment in half after over an eleven-month delinquency. It brought $400 back in my home.

I tried to call the lender to negotiate a modification for myself. However, they didn't offer a payment I could afford. After contacting SJHM, I was able to decrease the amount by over $340 instantly.

Many things that I would have had to do on my own, I've had St. Joseph Homeownership there to assist in the process. They have guided me through the entire process. I'm grateful that they are there with me.