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SJHM In the News

SJHM was featured on WJXT on Tuesday, December 20, 2011. Click here to watch the interview.

On December 20, 2011, an article was also written in reference to the Independent Foreclosure Review Information Session that was held at SJHM.Type your paragraph here.

Freddie Mac announced on July 21, 2015 that they will partner with SJHM to host the American Heroes Housing Fair on August 8, 2015 from 12 to 4PM

St. Joseph Missionary Baptist Church has ministered to the Black Bottom/Springfield community for over eighty-five years. In the last forty-five years, Senior Pastor Henry Rhim has developed several ministries to address the many concerns that patrons and community members experience. His philosophy is that we are to minister to the whole man. As a result, he collaborated in 1997 to organize Black Bottom/Springfield Human Development Corporation (BBSHDC) to meet the economic and community development needs in the area. In the wake of the mortgage and real estate debacle in 2008, we sought training by the organization endorsed by Congress, in order to assist in the foreclosure dilemma to make certain we can serve efficiently.

St. Joseph Homeownership Ministry (SJHM) is a subsidiary of Black Bottom/Springfield Human Development Corporation that provides education and counseling for homeowners and prospective owners. Although we have Christian roots, we are a secular organization that doesn't discriminate in providing our services - any individual may participate in our programs and services. Our mission is to empower individuals through knowledge, using precepts and examples, so they can make sound financial decisions in homeownership and tenancy.

We have evolved from simply offering education and counseling to meeting other household needs, such as the Tool Library and the Neighborhood-Resident Connect. St. Joseph Homeownership is consistently assessing current programs and developing more options to serve the community. We work tirelessly to ensure individuals are empowered whether in homeownership or renting.

**Services are provided in English, Spanish, French-Creole, and Sign Language.Type your paragraph here.