Individuals and families review and discuss various financial topics to stabilize or sustain personal finances: monitoring credit reports, banking features, savings, loan types, insurance, using credit, etc.

Our agency assists in spending plan counseling to prevent an impending delinquency, negotiate with the lenders to cure a default or aid in transitioning from homeownership.

Click here to download or enter your information online and print the foreclosure intervention - home preservation packet, then sign, date and submit to the office. This packet must be completed in order for support services to begin. 



  • Pay stubs, award letters
  • W-2 and/or 1099
  • Last 2 tax returns
  • Mortgage paperwork and letters
  •  Legal letters received for the property 
  • Utility bills
  • Bank statements
  • Other bills 


BBSHDC-SJHM counselors provide impartial and accurate information. BBSHDC-SJHM may refer consumers to attorneys or attorney offices if requested. The information provided should be understood to be a general discussion of the subject matter and does not constitute a legal opinion about your particular situation.

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Our counselors empower homebuyers to shop for a home, get a mortgage loan, improve their spending plan and credit profiles and maintain their home and finances before and after purchase.


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